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Annie Sungkajun is an artist who works in photography and interactive installation. Her work aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia in her viewers, as it does for herself. She is currently an Assistant Professor in Creative Technologies and Graphic Design at Illinois State University. She received her MFA in Visualization, from Texas A&M University. Through interactive installations and photography, she explores concepts of home, memory and displacement.

Her interactive installations often revolve around the topic of memory – usually stemming from her own personal experiences – and allow for people to reminisce on their own. Culture, nature and a sense of home are recurring themes that revolve around her work, as the second generation American grew up in different parts of the country. Annie strives to intertwine the these experiences in engaging, immersive ways.


She has exhibited work in Braga, Portugal for ARTECH, Manizales, Colombia for the International Electronic Arts Symposium and in London, England for the Electronic Visualization and the Arts conference.